Deer Graphics


My name is Theresa Potgieter, I am a wife and mother, with an unbelievable passion for creativity.  My glass is full and I am always 110% grateful.

I run a successful personalized graphic design studio, focussed on a small niche market, where personal service and creativity takes precedence.

I have been in the graphic design industry since 1997 when I started off as a young business owner in Midrand, Gauteng.

It has been an incredibly exciting journey for me, both growing professionally and juggling the responsibilities of parenthood.

My love and dedication for the art of graphic design has been a cornerstone throughout my life, which helped shape Deer Graphics into what it is today.

From humble beginnings the Deer Graphics name was born with the unknowingly assistance of my late mother who played an incredible role in my early development as a business owner.

Our slogan, "Ardour" is a modest reflection of the enthusiasm and passion you will experience while sharing your project or life long dreams with us.

Allow Deer Graphics to assist, advice and guide you through 2020 with all your graphic design dreams and challenges.

See above the beautiful runner I made of my kids artwork